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Just the mention of the name “Kodak” triggers all sorts of nostalgic memories for many people. My first camera was a Kodak Starmite – I won it a the Mirboo North Country Show way back when. When I was growing up, around the corner from where my uncle worked in Coburg was a large Kodak […]

What the ‘Lead Up’ to Easter means

Several people asked my about what Lent meant in the lead up to Easter. Lent (from the Latin quadragesima: Fortieth) is a season of solemn religious observance in many of the older traditional Christian churches. Their liturgical calendar begins Lent on Ash Wednesday and ends approximately forty days later on Holy Saturday, before Easter Sunday. […]

It Works!

There is always something going on in our world, isn’t there? There’s always a battle to fight, a letter to write and a phone call to be made and, sometimes, it is all too much. The truth is I could spend a good part of each working day just writing letters and making phone calls […]



June 4, 2017

Every week we are seeing more and more people responding to the Lord – which means we need more people on deck on the prayer team to pray with them on a Sunday morning. This is exciting! God is moving powerfully! In order for you to be a part of the prayer team, you need […]

Men’s Worship Night

June 4, 2017

On June 4th, at 6:30 pm at Wallan Gateway Church, a men only worship night has been planned for men and boys. This will be a very significant night for men who want to develop as strong men of God and priests in their families. The “men only” aspect is not because of some “no […]