We have a range of Connect Groups at WGC meeting throughout the week (mainly in the evening).

The primary purpose of the connect group program at WGC is to meet the pastoral care and discipleship needs of the church and others connected to the WGC family. Pastoral care is expressed through mutual ministry and nurture (both practical and spiritual), through group worship, prayer ministry and healing. Discipleship occurs through teaching, coaching and the equipping of believers to do life well, handling life’s challenges and making the most of life’s opportunities. People are also equipped for ministry, by means of the study of the Bible and the impartation of wisdom, encouragement and prophecy by leaders.

The goal of each connect group is to help raise up mature Christians who know how to live a missional lifestyle, can effectively operate in their spiritual gifts, and to shape leaders who can form more small groups by means of multiplication.

If you are interested in joining a Connect Group, please email us at admin@wallangateway.org.au.