Some of you may have picked up in the on-line media this last week a development concerning spiritual warfare. It was reported in several secular media outlets and concerned the eventual appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court – after weeks of gruelling public scrutiny.

Following the swearing in ceremony, a group of witches in Brooklyn, New York, announced a gathering on Oct. 20th in order to “place hexes on recently appointed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh”. The plan has started to receive a lot of publicity, especially in The Guardian newspaper, Newsweek Magazine, Time Magazine and other publications. Most of the reporting has had the air of bemusement that local witches were “off their rockers” and nothing would come of it. The event is being hosted by Catland Books, “Brooklyn’s premiere occult bookshop & spiritual community space” (according to their website). Tickets are being sold for $10. As the Guardian points out, the event is not atypical of Catland Book’s event schedule. Previously, the store has hosted events to hex President Trump and other public figures. Organisers hope the “occult event will galvanise the left and intimidate the right.

While it’s doubtful the majority of left-leaning voters would support such an event, co-owner of Catland Books, Dakota Bracciale, hopes the event will galvanise the left. “The whole thing is going to be really cathartic, whether you believe it or not. The right has churches but the left is scattershot. The left is where you’re going to find atheists, secularists, humanists, people who follow non-traditional religions. So how are you going to get all of us together in times of trouble? That’s what we’ve been doing,” Bracciale told the Guardian newspaper. Bracciale went on to explain the bookshop hosts less occult-focused events such as traditional protests and voter registration drives, but they have found putting an occult emphasis on events has been effective for them. “It strikes fear into the heart of Christian fundamentalists,” she says.

Witchcraft in New York is becoming more and more mainstream and Catland Books describes the hexing as “embracing witchcraft’s true roots as the magik of the poor, the downtrodden and disenfranchised and its history as often the only weapon, the only means of exacting justice available to those of us who have been wronged by men just like him”. (Kavanaugh). Did you get that? Witchcraft as justice.

This event is not rare any more. Researchers have been telling us for a decade now that the rise of the use of witchcraft—particularly among Millennials—is gathering pace.

While media outlets can lampoon witchcraft activities and public hexings as a bit of a joke and a waste of time they are, nevertheless, a concerning development. There is a real danger with it. It is a mistake to dismiss such an event as a harmless publicity stunt. It isn’t. These events are the counterfeit manifestations of the prayer meetings of God’s church. Satan has inspired the projection of spiritual power for evil purposes. God has been calling his church for centuries to pray and intercede and to, thus, pull down strongholds and undo the devil’s work. God knows the church can do this powerfully – if it wants to – because he has given it all the authority it needs to do so. It’s the church’s job!

But the church is not doing its job well enough. Satan knows the powerful effect of people gathered to curse. We need to know and understand that where even two or three are gathered together in Jesus’ name, there is awesome demonic-busting power loosed on the earth.

These are dark days. The enemy is more and more brazen and what he is inciting is becoming more and more acceptable and normal – and amusing and fun. But it is very dangerous, if the church is cowed and does nothing. Catland Books are expecting 10,000 people to turn up to the hexing of Brett Kavanaugh. A century ago that would have been an outrage and punishable by law – because society recognised the evil. Next time it will be a pastor or other Christian leader who is the target of a withering, demonic intercession attack. The enemy is not about to stop any time soon – but he must be stopped. By the church of God. That’s one of our jobs. And we are not to shirk from it.

What would happen if just 100 fervent believers met regularly to pray down the enemy’s strongholds and blunt his attacks over a city? Even 20? What does Scripture declare?

“How could one man chase a thousand, or two put ten thousand to flight, unless their Rock had sold them, unless the LORD had given them up?  31  For their rock is not like our Rock, as even our enemies concede. – Deuteronomy 32:30-31 (NIV)

Satan knows. Apparently the church has forgotten. One man! Two men or women! What did Elisha cry out as Elijah, his mentor and spiritual father departed that day in a chariot of fire?

Elisha saw this and cried out, “My father! My father! The chariots and horsemen of Israel!” And Elisha saw him no more. Then he took hold of his garment and tore it in two.” – 2 Kings 2:12 (NIV)

One man!

So much spiritual power and authority. Enough for a whole nation. Satan is no match for the church. But it is time for the church to rise up and go on the offensive!

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You are loved.

Ps Milton