DARING FAITH:  Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the church need to grow – isn’t it big enough already?

We believe God has bigger plans for Wallan Gateway Church. We believe there are many more people that we could be impacting with the message of Christ – just look at how fast our region is growing!

Will I be asked to make my commitment public?

No. Your contribution to ‘DARING FAITH’ is made on the Commitment Card and ultimately is between you and God. While the Church will be tracking commitments as part of our financial management, all commitments will be treated in the strictest confidence.

How do I give the monthly amounts pledged?

Separate giving envelopes are provided for all cash payments to the ‘DARING FAITH’ fund. You can also give electronically by internet transfers or by Credit Card.

If I should fall behind on my commitment, will the church make efforts to make me pay?

No. While we will be tracking commitments, we believe maintaining your commitment is an issue between you and God. The reason for tracking is purely to manage with integrity.

What if I lose my job or my circumstances change?

You are able to revise your commitment at any time during the three year period by simply speaking to the Daring Faith Campaign Directors (Aaron Mitchell or Regi McKinlay).

Wouldn’t it be a better investment to give this money to missions or community outreach than to spend it on buildings?

We are actively committed to maintaining our commitment to our community and to missions beyond Wallan Gateway Church in other developing areas. As we grow, so does our capacity to give generously to others. This has been clearly demonstrated over the past 5 financial years. However, we have enjoyed a great facility without paying a single dollar for the last 6 years (more than $1 million interest has been paid on our behalf) so that we could establish and get on our feet. We’re on our feet. We now need to take responsibility and reduce debt for two main reasons. One, as we reduce debt we are freeing up money for ‘sowing’, and two, we are ensuring that our loan repayments go towards helping another new church plant somewhere else.

What kind of reactions should we expect from people?

We began this campaign knowing there would be three different reactions:

First, there are those who are already committed to giving.  They don’t need this campaign. They are spiritually mature, they understand all the reasons why we must build, and they give sacrificially whenever they are asked to.  Second, there are those who are not going to give no matter what we do. They will come up with all kinds of objections, excuses, and criticisms about this campaign.  But the real issue is they simply don’t want to give. We’re not doing this campaign for this group either. And we won’t let the objections of a few rob the rest of us of the joy of giving. Third, there are those who will want to give when they catch the vision of what we’re attempting and how giving will help them grow spiritually.  These people are the reason for this emphasis.

Are we paying any fundraising consultant for this campaign?

NO!  We designed the campaign based on the biblical instructions God gave for raising the money to build the Temple in 1 Chronicles 29.

How will the money we raise be used?

The building fund is kept separate from the general ministry funds. All Daring Faith gifts will be used to pay the expenses of building facilities. It is important to remember that our Daring Faith gifts are to be in addition to our regular giving for the on-going operation of the church. Otherwise our day-to-day ministries would suffer.

I am a single parent with several kids and almost no income. But I want to be a part of building our church. How can I give?

First, let me commend you for your heart’s desire to give.  It reminds me of the poor widow Jesus honored for her faith in giving in Mark 12:41-44:

  “Jesus sat near the Temple Offering Box and watched the people put in their money. Many rich people gave large sums of money. Then a poor widow came and put in two copper pennies. Jesus said, I tell you the truth, this poor widow gave more than all those rich people together! They gave only what they did not need. This woman is very poor, but she gave all she had; she gave all she had to live on.”

From this moving example of sacrifice, Jesus taught 3 important truths:

  • Your attitude is more important than your amount in giving.
  • It is always possible to give something IF we really trust God.
  • God measures our faith by comparing what we’ve given with what we have left over after we’ve given.

 This is why our theme is “Equal sacrifice, not equal gifts” As you pray about what a genuine “sacrifice “ will mean to you, I urge you to read the Bible story of the miracle that happened when another single parent gave away what little she had (1 Kings 17:8-16). God took care of her the rest of her life. And God is still doing miracles today in the lives of those who dare to trust him!