What is STIR Conference… and Why?
STIR is a Youth and Young Adults conference that believes God’s heart and purpose is to be made known deeply and significantly within our region. Spread throughout our region are many youth and young adults that have a burning fire to know the Father and His call on their lives. We want to band together as family to seek His Kingdom and empower those who may need to know His goodness in their lives. STIR aims to be a vehicle driven by the Father to cultivate change and growth through conversation, tools, teaching, encounters, workshops and community. We want young people to walk away from STIR equipped, encouraged, empowered to live out the gospel as a lifestyle and to be STIRRED in their hearts.

Early 2019 we received a vision where we saw a piece of paper which had the outline of the North & West Region of Victoria. What was blank, and didn’t capture much attention, then started to glow as we saw little flames that started to appear on the map. As more and more flames started to light in different areas of the region, the map started to burn brightly and before you knew it, inside the outline of the region, every inch was touched by His fire.

We wanna see a generation carry His light and fire that burns to see young people live a liftesyle of faith that is passionate to see His Kingdom come. We have a burning desire to band together and see deeper revelation and revival in the youth and young adults of Melbourne.

For more information, please contact Ps Faith: faith@wallangateway.org.au