Welcome to our DARING FAITH Campaign!

God is always doing some new kingdom thing amongst us. Jesus said that the kingdom is forcefully advancing and that forceful people grab a hold of it – and go with God! (Matt. 11:12). Wise churches through faithful prayer and prophecy can cotton on to what God is doing and join themselves to it. Jesus did this. He said, “… I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.” (John 5:19). We should always be asking God to show us what he is doing next and be prepared to join ourselves to that.

Over the last five years the WGC leadership has worked hard to get our church onto a solid footing ready for bigger mission responsibilities. We now have a strong Eldership, gifted staff, a growing connect group network, quality worship services, strong children’s and youth ministries, and a range of new ministries and outreach initiatives.

The recent National Church Life Survey in which we participated showed a staggering 74% of our members had personally experienced growth in their faith this last year. Another 90% experienced growth in their understanding of God, 96% appreciated the worship ministry. A strong sense of belonging is experienced by 94% of members, and 82% say it is easy to make friends here at Wallan Gateway, too – encouraging signs that our church is ready for the next thing God has prepared for us. The wider community appreciates our church’s care for it and along the way we have often seen God doing amazing things in our midst – Wallan Gateway Church is an exciting place to be!

The leadership wrestles daily with the unique challenges that come with being a very young church (10 years old) that is quickly growing and with many new believers learning to follow Jesus. We constantly face ‘stretch’ challenges that growth brings – but we’re not daunted. God has given us an exciting vision for the next few years. It’s going to require a daring faith to see all of that materialise.

The leadership has identified that for Wallan Gateway Church to keep growing and be a missional force in the region we will need more trained staff, and more finances to reinforce existing ministries and establish new ones, as well as update and develop our facilities. We are blessed to have such a terrific ministry centre, but we still owe $2.4 million on it – that’s a challenge. Central to realising our vision is the goal to raise $1 million over the next three years that will put a serious dent in our loan, release “sowing money” for new initiatives and further develop our facilities.

Will this be easy? No! Steps of faith are never easy! Our plans for the next stage of our church’s development are exciting. They open up opportunities to better serve God in our community. However, they can only become a reality if each member of our church takes a personal step of faith in supporting this vision. The ‘Daring Faith’ Campaign is about Building a Life of Faith, and one of the expressions of that will be to become radically generous people because we’ve learned to live by faith.

I invite you to join our leaders in praying for God’s blessing and provision as we embark upon this exciting ‘Daring Faith’ journey. Together let’s be part of a generation that honours those who went before us and inspires those who will follow.