We are thrilled to announce that as of Sunday, December 13th, 2020, we will be meeting once again back in the building!

Things will look a little different… you will need to come earlier (9.30am) to ensure adequate time to register for contact tracing purposes and find a seat with adequate social distancing.

The Welcome Team will be there to help you to register and find your seat.

You can register before you attend in that morning if you’d like. If you do register before arriving, please ensure you advise the Welcome Team that you have already registered.


  1. Open your smartphone camera and hold it up to the QR code. (Or you can use a QR code reader app).
  2. Follow the prompt to open the form (where possible – please use Chrome. Safari has a bug and may need to be refreshed if the form doesn’t complete).
  3. Fill in the form.
  4. Any problems, see the welcome team in the café area when you’re at the church.
  5. Enjoy your time at Wallan Gateway Church!

(NB: The information collected will be safely stored and held only by Wallan Gateway Church).


Once you have registered using the QR code, please go to the table near the youth area to register your kids for KidzChurch BEFORE THE SERVICE BEGINS!  Then, when it is time for KidzChurch within the service, you simply need to drop them in!


  • Please ensure you arrive at the church at 9.30am to allow enough time for registration and seating (see above). It’ll also give us all a bit of time to reconnect and say our personal “hellos” before the service begins.
  • We are happy to announce that masks are not be required to be worn during the service when social distancing is being observed. Therefore, it is very important that social distancing is maintained. However, you will need to wear a mask on entry and as you exit. Once seated, or outside, masks can be removed.
  • The kitchen will be closed until further notice, so please ensure you bring your own water bottle/refreshment.
  • The café area will be closed.  However, the coffee cart will be open after the service in the carpark. We’d love to treat you to a free coffee on the first day back (13th of December).

See you on Sunday!