We would love to have a chance to share with you the difference that Jesus has made in our lives. We are a Church, made up of people of all different ages, from many different walks of life. We aim to follow the teachings of Jesus, and support each other through life’s ups and downs. We would love the chance to show you how Jesus has impacted our lives.

I’m New – What can I expect?

Nice to meet you. We hope your online experience will give you a taste of who we are and why we love our church and our community. Whatever your circumstances – single, married, single again, with or without children – and no matter where you’ve been or what’s happened in your life, you are welcome in our community (to be completely honest, we haven’t written this paragraph. We have completely ripped it off! But it is too true to alter).

If you were to visit Wallan Gateway Church, you would initially be welcomed at our doors. Hey, we don’t want to overwhelm you, but we know that visiting a new environment, amongst people that are used to this environment, can be hugely daunting. We want to make stepping through that door as easy as possible. Hopefully by having a friendly face at the door may help!!

Our Sunday Service will usually consist of what we call a Worship time. All this means is that, as a Church, we sing some songs together to honour our God.

We also take up a monetary offering. This is our way of acknowledging that we believe that all of our belongings – including our money – belong to God. Now, we know that as a visitor, you may feel pressure to give during this time. Can we just put it out there that if you are new, or don’t understand this, please let this pass you by.

A message is also a key part to our Sunday services. This is a message, or teaching, on something to do with our Christian faith.

At some point during the service, we say goodbye to the kids as they head off to specialised kids programs. You can ask the ‘Welcomers’ about these programs if you would like your kids to be part of this.

Last thing we want to mention now is that we know kids can make some noise. And you know what, we love our kids, and this doesn’t bother us. We also know that some parents can find this difficult. Because of this, we have a Parents Lounge. Look for the room at the rear of the auditorium with all the big windows. Feel free to use this. You will be able to see, and hear the service, so you won’t miss a thing.

We would love to see you visit us sometime soon!

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  • Board

    The Board is called to govern the Church by providing spiritual oversight, development, support and protection of the mission and vision of the Church. The Board is accountable to the Church Partners. The church operates in accordance to its constitution which is available upon request. Each board member oversees a ministry area:      
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  • Senior Pastor

    Milton Oliver has been engaged in full time ministry since 1987. He is an ordained Churches of Christ minister with a Diploma in Ministry, a Bachelor of Theology degree, various Post Graduate qualifications and is currently completing a Masters Degree in Theological Studies through Melbourne University of Divinity. He and his wife Anne planted a […]
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  • Our Mission (what we do)

    The mission of Wallan Gateway Church is CONNECT – GROW – MISSION Connect Connect with God At Wallan Gateway Church our aim is to have everyone connect with and experience God in ALL His Glory. God is perfect powerful and personal The Bible tells us: “He is the Rock. His work is perfect. Everything He […]
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  • History

    A little About The Journey So Far…. In late 2006 the Wallan area was identified as being ready for the establishment of an evangelical church with a heart to share the Good News of Jesus through evangelism and practical involvement in the community. Early in 2007 a core group formed to pray and plan. In […]
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