7 reasons to SUPPORT Wallan Gateway Church (WGC)

  1. We are built on biblical purposes
    WGC has never wavered from its commitment to Jesus’ Great Commandment and Great Commission – and the authority of the Bible.
  2. We have wise and trusted leadership you respect
    We are fortunate to have Ps. Milton Oliver and a very capable ministry team who feed and lead our congregation. Under his leadership over the past 5 years we have seen the church grow numerically, spiritually and also financially – but there is so much more to come.
  3. We have financial integrity
    Both internal and independent external audits have given WGC a spotless record of wisely stewarding funds.
  4. We have a heart for helping people who hurt
    WGC has established a variety of essential ministries that serve our congregation and our community.
  5. We have next generation ministries
    WGC’s commitment to supporting families in raising their children is seen in our deep investment in both our children’s and youth ministries.
  6. We have DARING FAITH and bold dreams
    If you want to be a part of the future, this is a church with a vision and willingness to take giant risks in faith. We believe God has called WGC into being to become a powerful prophetic voice and an encouraging influence in the region.
  7. Your life has been changed by WGC
    Every weekend, our family of people whose lives have been changed by God, gathers to worship and minister together. Your generous gifts and ongoing giving to the ‘Daring Faith Campaign’ will enable our church family to reach many others with the same transforming message of Jesus that has made such a difference in your own life. Pass it on!